Five Signs of an Effective Security System

An effective security solution is paramount to the success of a business. Consider if you’re currently meeting these five signs and if you’re not, it’s time to reassess your current security.

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Edgeworth’s Voice Down Warnings Deter Crime in Community Parking Garages

We recently designed a custom security solution for a multifamily community that had been regularly plagued by car break-ins. Since Remote Guarding has come online, Edgeworth has successfully stopped attempted car break-ins and loitering, both of which had been ongoing issues on the property. Watch how our agent uses Voice Down warnings to engage trespassers on the property in real-time, alerting them that their actions are being recorded, and instructing them to leave the property immediately. In both instances, this Voice Down communication successfully deters any further activity and the trespassers leave the property without incident.

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Remote Guarding’s Built-In Artificial Intelligence & Digital Alerts Immediately Identify Unusual Activity

Our state of the art cameras, advanced analytics, digital line barriers, and access control systems work together to provide ...

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