About Edgeworth Security

Our mission is to guarantee our clients’ safety, security and economic well-being. We specialize in meeting clients’ exact physical and digital security solutions.

Backed by years of military, law enforcement, and security experience, Edgeworth is incorporating artificial intelligence, machine learning, military grade analytics, and cyber intelligence techniques to transform the security industry.


Combined years of military, law enforcement, and intelligence experience


Industry Awards for excellence and innovation


Crimes prevented

Our Team

Edgeworth Security Strategic Advisor, Pete Naschak

Pete Naschak

Strategic Advisor

Pete Naschak is applying 28 years of leadership in corporate, diplomatic, military, and non-profit environments to enhance the strategy and...

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Edgeworth Security Senior Vice President of Intelligence Operations Division, Chad Brockway

Chad Brockway

Senior Vice President of Intelligence Operations Division

Chad Brockway leverages his background in intelligence, counterintelligence, counter-terrorism, federal law enforcement and cyber operations to develop Edgeworth’s...

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Edgeworth Security Law Enforcement Advisor, Barry D. Budd

Barry D. Budd

Law Enforcement Advisor

Barry D. Budd’s security, criminal intelligence & investigation, and public safety experience is indispensable to Edgeworth preventing and...

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Edgeworth Security President of Integration, David Sindaha

David Sindaha

President of Integration

David Sindaha is a pioneer in security systems integration with over 30 years of experience designing intelligent security systems with...

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Edgeworth Security Vice President of Sales & Operations, Brandon M. Haddad

Brandon M. Haddad

Vice President of Sales & Operations

Brandon Haddad, Vice President of Edgeworth Integration, utilizes his over 17 years of experience in the security industry to design...

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