David Sindaha

President of Integration

David Sindaha

David Sindaha is a pioneer in security systems integration with over 30 years of experience designing intelligent security systems with artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies.

David founded VAS Security Systems, which provided industrial security systems across all industries. He assisted the Motion Picture Association of America in writing security specifications for the entire industry and has designed and implemented systems for protecting artifacts, including George Washington’s personal belongings, for the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum. In 2009, David was awarded an ASIS Security Innovations Award of the Year.

Career Highlights

  • Awarded the ASIS Security Innovations Award of the Year in 2009 for implementation of an IP high-definition video security system installation for Technicolor
  • Assisted the MPAA in writing the security specs for the motion picture industry
  • Created a security system for California State University Fullerton that included the integration of thousands of security devices and provided comprehensive coverage for over 100 buildings across campus
  • Deployed a comprehensive system of cameras to better safeguard inventory, employees, and protect against outside theft/threats for Grainger’s international distribution centers in the U.S., Mexico and Panama
  • Developed a security system to protect President George Washington's personal belongings, the “Emancipation Proclamation,” and President Abraham Lincoln’s journals and hand-written letters on behalf of the US Federal Government and the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library & Museum