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Protecting Multi-Family Properties
with Remote Guarding.

Edgeworth Security Remote Guarding is a cost-effective solution for protecting residents, and preventing theft and vandalism. Combining people, processes and technology, Edgeworth prevents the preventable and brings unavoidable instances to a faster conclusion providing residents and property managers with true peace of mind.

How It Works.

We combine our highly trained security agents, proven processes and smart technology to provide affordable and effective security solutions to home owners associations, multi-family properties and apartment complexes.


Example Scenarios.

Property Intruder

  • An afterhours intruder is detected in real-time breaching a digital line barrier setup during your Edgeworth Security Integration on your property
  • An alert is sent to a live security agent who uses the voice down feature to broadcast to the intruder that they have been spotted. The agent describes the intruder, letting them know that they’ve been caught and informs them that law enforcement is on the way
  • The intruder leaves the scene before committing the intended theft or property damage
  • Quick law enforcement response time and video evidence allows police to locate and arrest the intruder for prosecution


  • During your initial Remote Guarding consultation, Edgeworth Security works with you to identify key areas for secure access points to prevent unauthorized individuals from gaining access to property as well as installing Voice Down and Video surveillance where loiterers are most likely to congregate
  • Loiterers are detected by live-monitoring sending an alert to our trained security agents
  • Using Voice Down communication security agents warn loiterers that they need to disperse and that Law Enforcement is on the way
  • Loiterers disperse and learn that property is protected
  • Ongoing loitering is ultimately prevented from consistent real-time response to presence of unauthorized individuals
  • Residents feel safe. Vandalism and theft risks greatly decrease

False Injury Claims

  • A criminal attempting to commit insurance fraud fakes a slip and fall injury on community property
  • Video surveillance proves the incident was staged
  • Litigation is stopped in its tracks and the property owner saves big on a costly settlement or legal battle

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