Partners in Protecting Citizens and Public Property.

Edgeworth Security understands the unique challenges in securing public facilities and brings extensive law enforcement experience to government projects. Edgeworth combines people, processes, and technology to secure police departments, city and town halls and other municipal buildings through Remote Guarding.

How It Works.

We combine our highly trained security agents, proven processes, and smart technology to provide affordable security solutions to government facilities to effectively protect the public, staff, and law enforcement.


We find the best integration of our smart technology for each government security project. Our state-of-the-art cameras, artificial intelligence, and access control systems work together to protect against human error. They don’t blink, fall asleep, or make mistakes, and they provide simultaneous monitoring – something a physical guard can’t do.


Coupled with our smart technology, our digital line barriers detect unusual/undesirable activity. We define what’s normal and what’s not through virtual guardrails and guidelines tailored to schedules, property specifics, and access points/criteria.


Integrated proximity card readers, biometric identification and other access control systems limit and monitor access throughout your facility.


When our systems detect unusual/undesirable activity, our live security agents are immediately alerted, who then run the incident through our escalation processes and work with your on-site staff and security personnel.


Live 24/7 monitoring by our highly trained agents means that when something happens, it’s dealt with immediately.


Our security agents will call out the actions of intruders through 110+ decibel speakers, a proven deterrent. By communicating directly in the moment, they can warn intruders that a live agent is monitoring the incident, recording their actions, and that law enforcement is on the way.


Our proven processes eliminate false alarms, and our partnership with law enforcement ensures the fastest possible response from local agencies during an incident. For government clients where law enforcement are always on site, we provide added support to capture a crime in the moment, helping law enforcement get where they need to be sooner.


Video evidence is recorded 24/7 providing crucial evidence for prosecution in the case of an unavoidable incident of criminal activity, theft, or vandalism.

Peace of Mind.

Government clients can rest easier knowing that they have an experienced and effective security partner on their side. Knowing a solution is in place that allows for swifter action and more appropriate responses provides valuable peace of mind.


More Effective Security

Our comprehensive tools, including forensic site analysis, improve security effectiveness, reduce false alarms, prevent crime before it happens, and manage the unavoidable, providing clients with true peace of mind.

Reduced Security Costs

High-definition smart technology and highly trained agents significantly reduce traditional security costs by replacing outdated and ineffective security methods. Remote guarding becomes a force multiplier of security allowing our clients to save considerably on their security solutions.

Faster Law Enforcement Response

Working directly with local law enforcement and police we create partnerships that directly support crime scene first responders to ensure the fastest possible response from law enforcement.

Compelling Evidence for the Courtroom

Easy-to-use video systems that record 24/7 prevent frivolous lawsuits, reduce guesswork, and increase evidence against false employee or worker compensation claims as well as provide compelling evidence for convicting criminals involved in unavoidable incidents.