About Edgeworth Security

Bernard D. Coe Sr.

Director, Monitoring Center

Bernard D. Coe Sr.

Bernard D. Coe Sr. is the Director of Monitoring Center Operations for Edgeworth Security. He has over three decades of law enforcement experience and has performed his duties at various locations around the world. Bernard has a broad knowledge of law enforcement duties to include: Criminal Investigations, Sex Crimes, Counter Surveillance, Defensive Tactics, Physical Security, Specialized Weapons and Tactics, Hostage Negotiations, Accident Investigations and Forensics/Biometrics. Bernard also has an extensive background in Command Center Operations, which is instrumental when performing his daily duties at Edgeworth.

Career Highlights

  • Master Gunnery Sergeant – United States Marine Corps (Retired)
  • Military Police Provost Sergeant
  • Military Police Operations Chief
  • Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection Chief
  • Military Police Investigator
  • Special Reaction Team (SRT) Operator and Commander
  • Non-Lethal Weapons Instructor
  • Crime Prevention Specialist
  • Continuity of Operations Manager
  • Defensive Tactics Instructor
  • DEA Tactical Raid Instructor
  • Helicopter Rope Suspension Training (Master)
  • United States Marine Corps Canvassing Recruiter
  • Conventional Physical Security Specialist
  • Emergency Vehicle Operator Instructor
  • Deployed to Soto Cano Airbase Honduras for Humanitarian Mission 1989. Military Policeman/Basic Rifleman
  • Deployed to Saudi Arabia and Kuwait for Operation Desert Storm/Shield 1990-1991. Military Policeman/ Basic Rifleman
  • Deployed to Iraq for Operation Iraqi Freedom 2007-2009. Police Training Team Advisor to Iraqi Police/Logistics Chief
  • Deployed to Dubai 2018 for Military Pre-Position Force Exercise. 1st Marine Expeditionary Force Operations Chief.