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Security Systems Integration

Edgeworth Security can design and install a tailored system that either works with your existing infrastructure or build a completely new system. We offer comprehensive state-of-the-art technology from servers and software to cameras and access control systems with built-in artificial intelligence and military grade analytics.

Complete Security System Design

As a leading expert and integrator in the security industry, Edgeworth Security has extensive experience designing and building state of the art, award-winning security solutions that leverage the right combination of smart technologies and processes to secure your people and property. From high-definition cameras and digital line barriers, to access control solutions and intrusion systems, Edgeworth is incorporating artificial intelligence, machine learning and robust analytics to provide proactive and revolutionary security solutions.

Key Components of Security Systems Integration

Our Philosophy


With backgrounds in military, law enforcement and corporate security, each Edgeworth security agent is a highly trained security professional. These experienced agents provide real-time security management from Edgeworth’s state-of-the-art command and control center.


Our effective processes incorporate pattern-based algorithms, military grade analytics and self-learning technologies administered by highly trained live agents and supported by our relationships with law enforcement.


Artificial intelligence coupled with high-definition cameras, digital line barriers, Voice Down live communication, and secure access solutions are the key components of our state-of the-art technology.

Case Studies & Articles

Edgeworth was brought on to create a more effective security system that leveraged existing infrastructure along with new technology and equipment to enhance campus security while strictly adhering to all prescribed requirements and timeline.

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As one of the largest post-production studios in the world, Technicolor needed a comprehensive security solution that would not only protect their staff and physical properties but also protect very sensitive intellectual property including footage of movies not yet released.

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The CEO of a large, multi-family residential property management company is already discovering the benefits of signing up for Edgeworth’s proactive Remote Guarding. Prior onsite security guards cost the management company $800,000 a year across multiple properties and were...

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