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Charting New
Security Solutions.

Edgeworth Security has charted a new course of security services, away from the traditional security and alarm industry approaches. Edgeworth Security is a full-service security consulting firm, specializing in secure system integrations and remote guarding to significantly reduce the risk of criminal activity and external threats for facilities. Edgeworth Security leverages specialized agents, proven processes and smart technology to provide the most effective security solution possible.

Founded to Enhance

the safety, security and economic well-being of security clients.


the monitoring and security guarding industries through Edgeworth Security's brand of interactive Remote Guarding.


combining years of industry and military experience with 20+ years of success in developing innovative security solutions.

Why Edgeworth?

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Combining 20+ Years of Experience with State of the Art Technology

Award Winning Security Solutions- Learn MoreEdgeworth Security was founded to transform the security industry and combines experienced security professionals with tested, proven processes and state of the art technology, to provide clients with more effective and more cost-efficient solutions.

Multi Industry ExperienceFounded in 1995, VAS Security Systems, Inc, now Edgeworth Integration, is a leading expert and integrator in the security industry. Backed by this 20+ years of experience designing and implementing award winning security systems for clients in a variety of industries, Edgeworth is incorporating artificial intelligence, machine learning and robust analytics to provide proactive and revolutionary security solutions.

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